Gender Responsive Livelihood

Gender Responsive Livelihood

This project is located in 21 villages spread over 10 Gram Panchayat in Kasdol block of Baloda Bazar district of Chhattisgarh State. Around 75% household belong to Scheduled Tribe whereas 19.5% to Other Backward Class, 5.5% to Scheduled class category. Economically, more than 99% households belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. At an average around 14.3% households are landless. The selected villages are characterized by undulating terrain with good cover of forests. The area is predominantly single cropped (Paddy) and the only 8.9% of farming families grow kodo millets and 1% grows pulse like black gram. Other sources of livelihood are around Non Timber Forest Produce from forests, livestock, wage labour and people migrate outside the state for work. Low farm productivity primitive agricultural practices, monoculture of paddy, rain-fed agriculture, degradation of natural resources, limited wage labor availability, delay payment, lack of access and control of livelihood assets by women, vulnerability to climatic shocks such as seasonal drought, poor access to and implementation of government schemes are the major problems in this region.
The situation arises mainly due to exclusion from the mainstream, lack of information about entitlements and deficit in household budget. Community representation in Gram Sabha is low (average number women participation in a meeting is 2.34 and men is 16.33) and found to be inefficient to demand work for holistic development of the village. All too often, women involved in agriculture perform much of the work required to produce crops, but they are excluded from decision-making related to agriculture and livelihoods. They have limited access to inputs, credits and agricultural extension services compared to men. These gender differences in access to land, credit and skilled work mean that rural women workers cannot opportunely invest in their farms, bring their operations to scale, take advantage of new economic opportunities.
This project is expected to contribute significantly towards addressing various livelihood options from gender perspective in rural areas in the state of Chhattisgarh.


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