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Aagaaz.. The Campaign

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Through this initiative we seek to increase awareness that domestic violence is a crime for which there are laws and resources. We also aim to ensure that domestic violence in all its manifestations is more commonly understood by all members of society. The beginning of each yearly campaign is usually planned to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November. To raise awareness about the impacts of violence in our communities, To empower women and girls through economic literacy and education about healthy relationships are some of the objectives behind these campaign. Another main aim of the awareness-raising measures is to make the helpline known and to encourage victims to seek help.

We believe our work can only be effective when it is deeply rooted in the community. We show up at the table, representing the families we serve, to identify ways to improve coordination among service agencies, in the work of ending domestic abuse. To help brings attention to this important issue our program focused on to educate people about domestic violence and what we can do to end it.

Our long term experience shows that partnering with community organizations show clearly the positive impact of public awareness campaigns when they are conducted in collaboration with the targeted communities themselves. We also organize public awareness sessions in partnership with specific community based organizations in the targeted community.  

Awareness campaigns such as those undertaken by the KALP have been well received and accepted in the targeted communities. Modes of mass communication of campaigns are leaflets, posters, and brochures which   plays an important role as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy. Our campaign gets support by increasing members of community people, SHGs and representatives of civil society who together ured to spread the message of the act to the riral masses through a broad approach of various assaults.

World Women’s Day-

Working with the weaker section of the society KALP has made its integral part of the curriculum to spread the awareness of women empowerment, their roles and achievement. We pursue our commitment and prepares not only to them but also ourselves to overcome the challenges. 8th March is becomes very special events for us celebrate Women’s Day. Where we celebrate and salute challenges women face gracefully, and bear the responsibilities without a price. This becomes very important event in making them understand the fact that women and men are equal beings, deserve the same respect, opportunities and are also equally responsible for building a better future.

On the other hand KALP also contributes in building the future among youth and students. Because we believe it is essential for the youth in schools and colleges to be aware of women empowerment and to help our youth in imbibing positive values in them. The purpose of organizing events on such occasion is not just to observe the day but also to create awareness among the youth and students at early stage. This campaign focused on building confidence in girls. At community level such events are used as a platform to promote women’s participation in the political, economical and social life. Community groups and leaders are involved in meaningful dialogues to acknowledge women’s participation in community and grass-roots leadership. Women leaders share her tales of struggle and success. But we don’t stop here as there is much to celebrate in the achievements of women in all walks of life throughout the days so we should celebrate every day as a women’s day. We remind ourselves and them that over the next year we need to ensure that we continue to make a positive difference.

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